The Freshness of Nature

From Our Family to Yours!


Modern life wreaks havoc on our diets and our health.

Our active lifestyles often hinder us from consuming the foods that give us the proper nutrition that is required to keep our bodies healthy and functioning at peak performance.  It is a fact (and also a potential harm) ... We are often just too busy to pay close attention to what we eat!

We live in a culture where we rush about and consume processed foods to just curb the hunger.  Kids and adults grab meals on the run, meals that just do NOT qualify as nutritious.  It's a major problem that ultimately shows up in our health and energy. 

It's no wonder our nation is overweight and slipping on the scale of health, wellness and energy.


At MannaLife International, we are committed to your family's health!

MannaLife International is primed to help deliver the pure nutrition your modern Family needs.  Anywhere. Anytime.

Our Whole Food Nutrition supplements are great tasting, convenient and packed with the nurition your family needs.  Our Premium USDA Certified Organic products are the best available in the marketplace.  You simply can not find a product that provides the nutritional quality and value we offer.  When it comes to your health, we do not comprimise.

With our whole food powder blents, you simply add water and consume!  Then, here's to your health!

Our MannaFresh standard aims to carry only the freshest and highest quality products available on the market today.  Products that protect the life and nutrition of raw fruits and vegetables.

Because of our high standard, the supplements and products we carry deliver virtually the same nutrient value as freshly picked fruits or vegetables. 

We offer some of the highest density and variety of nutrients that are available today.  And... our products deliver some of the highest ORAC values in the industry.  

Try our products and the MannaFresh standard. You'll feel the difference!